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Are you bogged down by trying to keep track of your various Investigators?
Does it always take you a long time to search for and retrieve information regarding the various cases on hand?
Is it a nightmare for you to respond to Investigator queries regarding samples that they routinely send you?
Are you constantly trying to keep track of the accounts payable to your investigators?
Then you need ACT 1.0 - The Art of Countering Counterfeiting
ACT gives you on your finger tips
  • The number of cases per Investigator - Open, In Process, Closed
  • The number of raids carried out, with full representation on Live Google Maps
  • The status of Samples sent to you and those yet pending in your labs
  • Immediate balance of accounts that you owe to the Investigators
Now reporting to your management was never more easier At the touch of a button get
  • Any Case report furnished by your Investigator
  • Visually see on a Live Map the locations where Raids are being conducted by your Investigators
  • Know the status of any court hearing of the various cases that have been filed
  • Be in constant communication with your investigator without having to search thru mail trails
ACT 1.0 Features
  1. Investigators have to Registered on ACT by providing their full details and uploading all relevant documentation
  2. You can provide Leads to Investigators online thru ACT and they can then convert them into cases
  3. Investigators need to file each case online. ACT will generate a unique tracking code for each such case.
  4. Raid reports also have to be filed by the Investigators online. The minimum required information per case and raid can be defined by you
  5. Samples, if provided by the Investigator, needs to first be registered online. ACT will generate a Unique Sample Code (USC) which is then tracked throughout the life cycle of the sample.
  6. All Investigator Invoices have to be uploaded online in ACT. These need to be approved by you, only then will they be sanctioned.
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